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a humanitarian charity non- governmental organization that is affiliated with the Catholic Church. It has an international representation, handling social and humanitarian work. It was established in 1967 as a result of June war, responding to the humanitarian needs that emerged from the wars and the displacement ..... more




Latest News
AL Rahma (Mercy) Restaurant inaugurated, Winter Campaign Concludes

The winter campaign, which was launched by Caritas Jordan beginning of December 2015 by Caritas Jordan, concluded today. This campaign assisted 15,000 Jordanian families as well as displaced Iraqis. During the day, 100 parcels comprising food and non-food vouchers, 2 blankets and 100 heaters   ... more

Restaurant of Al-Rahmah “Mercy”

On the occasion of the launch of the year of Mercy, the Latin Patriarchate in Jordan and in cooperation with Caritas Jordan will open a restaurant named “Restaurant of Al-Rahmah “Mercy” at Jabal Weibdeh area, Amman. This restaurant is expected to serve needy and vulnerable people on a daily basis with 300 to 500 meals.   ... more

Caritas Jordan Starts Annual Winterization Campaign

Caritas provides assistance to underprivileged persons, encouraging initiatives and social work that is based on social solidarity and human values, aiming to build a just and empathetic society. Caritas works with individuals, families and communities, exerts big efforts to assist vulnerable and neediest Jordanians, refugees  ... more

The Newly Appointed Vatican’s Ambassador Visits Caritas Head Office

The newly appointed Ambassador to Jordan and Iraq Alberto Ortega Martin accompanied by Msgr. Roberto Cona, the Papal Consultant at the Embassy, visited Caritas Centers located in Downtown Amman, and were informed about the type ... more

The Vatican New Ambassador Visits Displaced Iraqis

The newly appointed Ambassador to Jordan and Iraq Alberto Ortega Martin paid a solidarity visit to the displaced Iraqis who are assisted by Caritas Jordan. The Ambassador who was accompanied by Msgr. Roberto Cona, the Papal Consultant at the Embassy, and Mr. Wael Suleiman, General Director of Caritas ... more

Caritas Holds Partners’ Meeting

Caritas Jordan on Saturday, October 17, 2015 held a meeting to some 30% of its partners. Among them were: Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Caritas Germany, Switzerland, Czech, Austria, CAFOD (Catholic Church in England and Wales), France, Canada, Belgium, Caritas Holland, Denmark, Caritas Internationalis and MONA.... more

Life Skills Training
Babysitting and Housekeeping Program

In cooperation between Caritas Jordan and Modern Language Center, a training program was held under the title: “Life Skills Training for Baby setting and Housekeeping” to Syrian mothers. The training was held at Caritas Center/ Zarqa between August 22 till Septmeber19, 2015. It included subjects on communication,..... more

French Prime Minister Pays Solidarity Visit to Displaced Iraqis

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Sunday visited a number of displaced Iraqis and those who reside in the Latin Church in Marka area, who are assisted by Caritas Jordan in coordination with the Catholic Church in Jordan. ... more





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