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Caritas Jordan, a charitable organization within the Catholic Church, is a member of Caritas International that belongs to the Vatican with its head office in Rome. Caritas Jordan was registered in the Ministry of Social Affairs under the number (371) on 15 June 1968, published in the official newsletter and was issued on 15 August 1968 under number (2114). The first Caritas organization in the world was founded in Freiburg, Germany, in 1897. Other national Caritas organizations were established in the following years in Switzerland (1901) and the United States (Catholic Charities, 1910).

Years of Love

At the beginning of 2017, Mr. Wael Suleiman, General Director of Caritas Jordan announced the launching of the 50th anniversary of Caritas [+]

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No Blame Approach

Based on the vision and mission of Caritas Jordan in reducing bullying and violence in schools which has a negative impact on students academically, psychologically and socially...[+]

Volunteers Center

Caritas Jordan has succeeded in disseminating the volunteerism concept, putting an emphasis on the social voluntary work as an integral part of elevated thoughts ... [+]

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