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Awareness Unit
  Jabal Al Weibdeh
Tel: 00962 6 4631980
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Awareness Campaigns

Caritas Jordan awareness campaigns aim to raise awareness and contribute to building an educated, healthy and knowledgeable civic society.

These campaigns are designed to include awareness lectures on various social and health lectures depending on the target group, in addition to a poster, a booklet, a flyer or a kit that serves and supports the topic of the campaign.


Through its doctors, employees and trained volunteers, Caritas Jordan Awareness Unit conducts many awareness lectures for around (2000) beneficiaries per year targeting :


Beneficiaries who approach Caritas Centers: Iraqi, Jordanian, migrant workers
Volunteers throughout Caritas volunteers committees at both parishes and schools
School students from age of 7 – 18 years old
Caritas employees
Caritas Jordan Stakeholders’ employees & beneficiaries
Beneficiaries of some social organizations and from local community that have contact with Caritas Jordan
Awareness topics include: breast cancer, healthy nutrition, infant feeding, personal hygiene, taking care of teeth and mouth, HIV/AIDS, Puberty and sexual education, Diabetes, First Aid…etc.



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