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Caritas Jordan Overview

Caritas is a Latin word means love. The first Caritas was established in Freiburg- Germany in 1897, followed by other societies established in Switzerland in 1901 and USA in 1910.

Caritas Internationalis is an international confederation with 164 members with its head offices in Rome- Vatican. It belongs to a big network of humanitarian work societies worldwide, operating in 200 areas and countries.

Caritas Jordan: a humanitarian charity non- governmental organization that is affiliated with the Catholic Church. It has an international representation, handling social and humanitarian work. It was established in 1967 as a result of June war, responding to the humanitarian needs that emerged from the wars and the displacement of the Palestinian people to Jordan.


Caritas Jordan is a member of International Caritas Confederation and a part of Caritas MONA. Its head office is in Jordan capital Amman. Four centers have been opened since its establishment in different areas of the kingdom.

Caritas Goals:


Help the poor and the needy in the society.
Develop self- potential of the needy to support their right in work and decent life.
Provide primary & secondary health services in addition to service of maternity and child.
Help refuges, homeless and victims of wars and disasters.
Aware Jordanian community on local humanitarian causes and on the importance of participating at well-fare actions.

Collaborate with public and voluntary institutions in addition to Caritas International members in order to achieve Caritas Jordan goals
Administrative Hierarchy of Caritas Jordan
First: Board of Directors
It is the highest level of Caritas Jordan under the leadership of the highest Catholic Church, His Eminence Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Holy Church, Fouad Twal. The Board consists of five members of the Catholic Bishops in Jordan as follows:


- His Eminence Archbishop Fouad Twal, President
- His Beatitude Bishop Yasser Al-Ayyash, Roman Catholic Bishop
- His Beatitude Bishop Maroun Lahham, Catholic Bishop
- His Beatitude Bishop, Mousa Al Haaj Maronite Bishop
- His Beatitude Gregoir Pieermalki, Syriac Catholic Bishop

Second: Administrative Body
 It is the authority in charge on behalf of the Board of Directors for the implementation of general policies and strategic plans for Caritas Jordan. It constitutes of five members representatives from the Catholic Church in Jordan besides (3) counselors representing different work parties according the Internal Structure of 2014:
- Deacon Jubran Salameh, Chairperson
- Mr. Majdi Baqain, member
- Mr. George Akl, member
- Fr. Nour Mousa, member
- Mrs. Taleen Narsisian, member

- Mr. Basel Marji
- Mrs. Dima Karadsheh
- Mr. Yazan Majaj
  Legal counselor: Mr. Anas Zyadat
  Auditor: Price Waterhouse Coopers/ PWC

Third: Administrative Body
it is responsible for the execution of the projects and programs and supervision of the work flow , various activities, and events in Caritas. It is held responsible before the administrative body and is represented by the general director along with the cooperation of the administrative team.
General Director: Mr. Wael V. Suleiman
General Structure






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