Emergency Response for Iraqi Refugees

Registered Families and individuals in 2017

CJ is continuous registering the Iraqi refugees at Caritas centers since June 2014, and the Number of registered Iraqis families reached to [4779 HHs] by the end of Dec.2017, making [15,921 individuals].

Number of registered families 4779 Number of registered Individuals 15,921 4779
Number of registered Individuals 15,921
  • A total of 65,505 Iraqis, mostly coming from Baghdad (33,449). Others are 7,772 from Erbil, 4,287 form Basrah, 3,917 from Anbar and 3,789 from Ninewa. Sudanese, among over 40 nationalities receiving international protection in Jordan.
  • Among the many challenges Iraqi Christian refugees face in Jordan are the high cost of living without incomes, children’s absence from education for years at a time and psychological trauma, according to a Caritas presentation.
  • Only 61,000 of the 140,000 Iraqis sheltering in Jordan are registered with the U.N. refugee agency, and many of the Iraqi refugees are facing increased vulnerability in their living conditions. The majority of the refugees are women and children who experience high cost of living expenses.
  • The Latin Patriarchate, alongside Caritas Jordan, rapidly set up an emergency program and is now working to find more sustainable solutions by providing humanitarian aid to more than 11,000 displaced Iraqi families: food, clothing, shelter, water, healthcare, and money to cover hospital costs, transportation, etc., but also by responding to the housing problem for many families. The patriarch in cooperation with Caritas Jordan assists more than 11,000 students with their children’s tuition fees in addition to transportation, stationery, uniform costs and skills training program. Both Catholic institutions provided them with humanitarian assistance to 11235 displaced Iraqi families.