Primary Health Care

Since its establishment, Caritas Jordan has consecrated an integral part of its work towards the poor and the needy. It has established several health clinics in different parts of Jordan. The clinics provide general medicine, dentistry and medicine services to patients free of charge for the needy and refugees, as well as expatriate workers in Jordan and health awareness for individuals through the Caritas Centers

The goal of the program:

  • To raise the level of primary health care for different groups of the communities, and to contribute to increasing community health awareness and health care clinics.
  • Health Care Clinics have been established in successive periods according to the needs of the community and in different areas of Jordan.
Caritas Health Clinics
Year of establishment Dentistry General Medicine Center  
1983 1 1 Caritas Hashemi  
1984 1 1 Caritas Fuheis  
1978 1 1 Caritas Zarqa  
2002 1 1 Caritas Amman  
2009 1 1 Caritas Housoun  
2013 - 1 Caritas Madaba  
2013 - 1 Caritas Mafraq  
2014 1 1 Caritas Karak  
2015 1 1 Caritas Salt  
  7 9 (9 Centers ) Total

Primary Medical Services Provided:

  1. General Care Services
  2. Caritas clinics receive patients from different nationalities who are referred by Caritas projects or coming in person, where they are examined and provided with the necessary treatment within the available facilities and services.

    Available Services:

    Regular visits to Caritas doctor clinics for health screening and diseases early detection.

    Diseases and proper handling of medical services provided in our clinics:

    • Clinical examination: includes blood glucose measurement, body temperature measurement, pulse and blood pressure measurement to avoid complications caused by high blood pressure.
    • Women's examination: Includes periodic examination of the breast and pap smears for early detection on cancerous diseases and recurrent infections, in addition to the provision of health care for pregnant women and their detection by ultrasound waves.
    • Minor operations: These operations are carried out in our clinics (such as discharge of the abscess, sutures, wound dressing) and emergency cases. : ECG device, fumigation device for asthma, special devices for ear cleaning, ultrasound, heart trauma and oxygen apparatus.
  3. Available Dental Services:
  4. All dental treatments include:

    • Dental examination.
    • Cleaning and polishing of teeth.
    • Dental fluoride.
    • Silver and cosmetic fillings.
    • Dental surgery.
    • Orthodontics.
    • Fixed and mobile fixtures.
    • Small image inside the mouth with the latest digital devices
    • Gums treatment using the latest equipment (Apex Locator & rotary system).

    Free Medical Days

    In order to supplement its role in meeting the needs of individuals, Caritas has developed a mechanism for distribution of free medicines to visitors of all nationalities from needy groups, in partnership with medical service providers from hospitals and pharmacies.

    The beneficiaries of these drugs are people with chronic diseases, such as asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, mental and psychological diseases and other diseases that beneficiaries drugs use regularly, where the provision of medicines are used on a monthly basis and regularly.

  5. The periodic medical examination for the students of the schools:
  6. The idea of the project is the importance of Caritas in providing better health care services for school students in accordance with the program of the Ministry of Health to examine the students periodically (public medicine / dentistry) and give them special vaccinations to the age groups allocated to them. This entails students' medical examination (general medicine / dentistry) every year, with a medical report on each student , kept in his file with the reception of emergency cases in the clinics and providing appropriate treatment for them.

    Provided Services:

    • General medicine
    • Periodical examination – Dentistry
    • Vaccinations (according to the program of the Ministry of Health)
    • Health education for students
    • Health care and awareness services for pregnant women, mothers and children, in particular family care and follow-up during pregnancy, childbirth and proper nutrition for mothers, infants and children.

    Provided Services:

    • Filling a special form with health and medical information related to the beneficiary to know the condition and the health background
    • Distribution of vouchers for the purchase of baby milk and diapers from partner pharmacies
    • Distribution of bags for children's supplies
    • Awareness lectures on the importance of breastfeeding.