Caritas provides services and humanitarian assistance to different sectors of society in need of all nationalities regardless of sex, religion, nationality, race or even color, and the diversity of their services is varied by the needs of Jordanian society.

Caritas was founded in 1967 in response to the worst natural and man-made disasters. With more than 460 employees working in nine provinces in Jordan, Caritas has devoted its efforts to saving victims of these disasters and paying particular attention to marginalized groups whose physical and mental abilities prevent them from coping with pressures that limit their daily tasks and make them unable to meet their basic needs.

Refugees, foreign workers and poor Jordanians, especially women and children, are categorized as the most social groups in support and therefore need specialized attention since most of these groups are responsible for caring for families and are vulnerable to types of exploitation, abuse and gender discrimination in the absence of men or the challenges they face, especially when trying to get jobs.

This situation has led to concerted efforts of the Jordanian charities with local and international organizations to stand by the people in need, providing them with all kinds of support and means of protection.

Caritas exerts tremendous efforts to restore the lives of these people, whose country had been ravaged by the horrors of the war, after their morale and physical abilities had deteriorated to the bottom. Caritas provides protection and empowerment without neglecting the local community, which bears the consequences of hosting these groups.