After Fifteen (17) consecutive years of the program's implementation, Caritas Jordan is committed to continue the enhancement and empowerment Volunteers Center by developing the programs associated with the sustainability phase and implementing its strategy that consists of six approaches: Parish Service, School Service, Civil Service, Parish Credits, Social Service and Emergency Response -Support.

Since its establishment the volunteers’ program’s scope of service broadened and now includes a network of (30) parish committees which extend to more than (45) parishes serving (55) areas, with an aim to serve the community’s needs. The program also includes (25) high schools, with an aim to serve the needs of the civil society.

Caritas Jordan volunteers’ network includes (3000) volunteers. The number is comprised of the total number of the direct beneficiaries including; volunteers (international, local and committee members), local faith based institutes’ members, and students (be it in universities or high schools).

Training Program’s list:

The volunteer’s center and with the participation of the emergency response unit and the counseling unit cooperated to conduct several training courses which targeted employees as well as volunteers from different backgrounds and fields of service with a total of (14) sessions conducted.

PEER project (Emergency Preparedness and Response with Local Faith Institutions

With increasing disasters and atrocities inflicted due to war and conflict, the need of the hour is for us to join hands with other movements and organizations to work together towards each unique objective. With this idea, the ‘PEER project’ was created as a partnership between (CRS) and Caritas Jordan.

The project aims to assist LFI (Local faith institutes) by providing a three-year capacity building program which will offer each LFI with the opportunity to root its work locally, gain the needed knowledge regarding ERP and networking with both local and regional LFIs (Lebanon).

Peace building and conflict resolution

A training module was designed and is being implemented as a training for Caritas Jordan’s volunteers/employees, schools and university students. The module is divided into two interrelating sections including an introduction to Peace building and conflict resolution.

The first session includes a brief introduction about Peace building through peaceful dialogue in its general term. The material covers diversity, conflict and its resolution through peaceful dialogue. The volunteers are able to identify with the most known peace builders and a few exercises which emphasize on the importance of peace, acceptance and celebrating our differences.

The second session provides a general introduction to the subject of conflict resolution its methods which included both a theoretical and a practical implementation of the knowledge.