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Caritas Jordan 50 Years


In the morning and sometimes before dawn, life energizes that heart and enabling it to beat love, giving, mercy, help and listening. Caritas (love) has connected south with east, north with south..... more

For every picture there is a story. For each situation there is a tale and for each activity there is a word, poem, art and a narration. Behind these smiles there are unforgettable memories that won’t be erased form Caritas memory.
Caritas is life, a book that narrates love and friendship stories and messages.
Congratulation’s Caritas for 50 years of love and giving
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Between the past and today, there have been golden threads, pearls and precious stones. Between the past and today, there have been love, service, dreams and challenges, in addition to fatigue, failure and mistakes. But throughout, there have been lots of success, trust, willingness and courage. Regardless of colors, shapes or place, even titles and despite roles and visitors ’differences, Caritas remains a story that has started in the past to remain today. It carries a humanitarian message and raises its voice humbly: “I am Caritas... love, care, service, solidarity, justice and soul. I am here for you…” ....... more


Caritas is a success story, a Heaven sent, a human family. Caritas builds bridges of love, solidarity, respect. Caritas is a message of peace, a status that can’t be interpreted. It is the word and deed, a love attestation in time of hatred.
Congratulation to Caritas for its golden jubilee…. Let’s move forward and confront challenges.
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Today, we start our 50th anniversary celebrations of Caritas Jordan’s establishment; a course of solidarity, love and giving; 50 years of building bridges, healing wounds and mending hearts, a daily down to earth dialogue; 50 years of a course that started in our tolerant country and is not likely to finish. As love is an endless story, so is Caritas, a part of Jordan’s history.
Caritas is not owned by individuals, it is for all. It has no boundaries; all Jordan is its birthplace and its work is a message of love, mercy, solidarity and peace..
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