Youth World Peace Camp

 AMMAN - 2017


" Now is the Time "



We are honored to invite all young peace builders to participate in the Youth World Peace Camp and embrace the spirit of peace and universal unity. It will be held in the city of Madaba, in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, from 17th to 22nd September 2017.

This camp will be the first step towards participation in the World Peace Forum which is to take place in Amman, Jordan from 22nd to 25th September 2017.

The program offers a 100 young people from all over the world (aged 18-30), the chance to live together for five days, engaging in voluntary activities prior to the start of the World Peace Forum activities.

The deadline for registration is 10th of September 2017.

In so far as only a small number of people will be able to participate in the Forum, selection will be made among those registering for the YWPC.

The program is designed to ensure integration among young people coming from all over the world through collaboration in a range of activities organized during the camp. The location will be a former caravansí area inside the convent in Madaba city, where 114 displaced Iraqi refugees used to live in; it became their home for more than a year after they had fled from Iraq because of war.


We believe that peace is possible, it is an urgent matter, and we are all responsible for its accomplishment. Together we can make it happen.

Join us in our call for Peace, by living this incredible experience with us, an experience that will undoubtedly change our views. Your presence will be a concrete contribution towards the accomplishment of a culture of peace that could change the world.

The activities proposed by the Youth World Peace Camp are the following:

  Informal schools service program
This consists of volunteering to help in offering alternative educational programs for the children of Iraqi, Syrian refugees and less fortunate Jordanian families.
  Field visits to the households of Syrian and Iraqi refugee families.
  An artistic contribution will also be made by designing and painting the very first murals on The walls of the school which will host the alternative non-formal
  education program. The message that we wish these murals to give is one of peace and love towards the local community.
  Peace-building workshops


The aim of these workshops is to create a greater depth of empathy towards and understanding of subjects relevant to peace building, project development, communication and dialogue. The overall objective of these workshops is to motivate participants to take action and become peace activists within their own countries.

Thanks to the cooperation of our partners, the quota of both event, camp and forum, it is only 150,00 Ä all inclusive, transportation within the country, accommodation, food (full board) and forum participation fee.

Itís not included with this quota flight and visa cost.
Visa cost is only 40 Jordan Dinar, payable directly at your arrival at the Queen Alia Airport of Amman.

As consortium organization Royal Jordanian Airlines offer us a limited flight to Jordan from everywhere with only 300,00 Ä.

This offer is limited with places and with reservation time. We kindly ask you to reserve on time till the end of august. In order to take advantage of this offer, please contact us as soon as possible:

For your participation is mandatory to fill the module application available at the link below

We look forward to having you with us, spreading the message of peace, love, respect and diversity.